Why: Write31Days

Why: Write31Days

The prompt Kate has given us for today is “Why.” I love this word. It is possible I loved it a little less when my kids’ response to every.single.thing was that word. Today, though? It opens up a world of reflection, thinking, and action! Here we go:


I went to Bible Gateway and looked up the word “why” in the NASB version of the Bible. It shows up a whopping 391 times. I skimmed through all of them, looking to see if there was a rhyme/reason/pattern.

There is.

The word “why” is used primarily to understand motive and heart. It’s less about a relative abstract such as “Why is the sky blue?” and more about what the motivation is behind our thinking and actions. It’s a heart matter.

Why do I worry if my kids are traveling around town safely? Lack of trust and fear of additional loss.

Why do I become angry when my husband suggests what he thinks might be a better/safer/easier way to accomplish a task? I feel as though he doesn’t think I’m competent or smart.

Why do I grieve when I see someone in pain, going without, experiencing loss? I’m empathetic and compassionate with an overriding spiritual gift of mercy. (The answer to this one is at least a good thing.)

Why do I never ask God about circumstances in my life? I’m talking things like why did my first husband die, why do my kids struggle, why did I lose most of my vision, why is my second marriage more difficult than my first, etc.  The answer to that one is also a good thing. I have faith in Him and in His sovereignty. If He brings it or allows it in my life, it must be good.

This is in stark contrast to the worry/anger whys, isn’t it?

That is part of what is so extraordinary about our faith lives and about us as individuals. We don’t evolve and become perfect all in one fell swoop. It’s a process. Go through this trial, grow your faith a little. Go through the next one, grow it more. And so on.

I think a bigger why is why in the world would the Lord choose to bless us in spite of our shortcomings and outright disobedience. Have you listened to Kris Kristofferson’s Why Me, Lord? recently?

I love this answer. His holiness. His love for us. His faithfulness to who He is despite who we are or how we might be behaving.


I’m eager to go and read about other “whys,” and would love if you’d share your thoughts here.

11 thoughts on “Why: Write31Days

  1. Shelby, this is just so good. It’s important to stop and examine our why’s. Your life is a strong testimony of God’s working in your life. You bless me with your candor. I honor your tenacity and consistency.

  2. This was awesome and engaging. I wonder how many “why’s” have been asked over time! It’s is surely the most asked question in the universe and I love your thoughtful answers!

  3. I’m so glad that God doesn’t shrug us away when we bring our “why’s” to Him! He loves us and gently leads us further on the path.Even when the answer cannot be understood yet, He is still right there loving us through. Thanks for these beautiful thoughts today!

    • So am I, Barbie. When I think how often I was impatient when my littles were little… Grateful our Father has so much more patience!

  4. I never heard the “Why Me, Lord” song before, Thanks for this. So grateful that my soul is in His hands.
    It was helpful to read that “why” is a matter of the heart which can lead us into growth or complaining. Today I choose growth.

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