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Share: Write 31 Days | Broken To Blessed

The word that Kate chose for today’s prompt is share.


This brings me immediately to two possibilities: the “why” of my fledgling business or the kind of sharing I enjoy doing with other women — opening our hearts, sharing our hopes and dreams and heartaches. And I think that’s the direction in which I will go.

I have labeled my story “Broken To Blessed,” and have done so for more years than I can count.

So many women get stuck in the broken because they just can’t see what blessed might look like.

This is where sharing is so vital. Women flock to the internet in droves when life gets tough because they might find other women who’ve walked similar paths to their own. They might find stories of hope and of redemption.

Do you share your stories of victory? Do you share your time, your heart, your hospitality with others?

You don’t need a rags-to-riches kind of story. You don’t have to be a famous writer, have a Pinterest-worthy home, or a bells-and-whistles website (says the website designer).  You just need an authentic heart, some compassion, and a steadfast faith that our Father is willing to work in others’ lives similarly to how He has in your own.

I don’t get out much. Because of my legal blindness, I can’t drive. (Which, by the way, is another lesson on sharing — being willing to let others help, but that’s a post for another day.) Most of my sharing is online. Others do it in other ways. The only important thing is that we reach out, make ourselves available to share what the Lord has done in our lives, how He has sustained us, how He continues to sustain us even if we are still in the middle of the hard things.


In what ways do you enjoy sharing? Are there some that bring you more of that “this is what I’m meant to be doing” feeling than others?

3 thoughts on “Share: Write31Days

  1. “Do you share your stories of victory? Do you share your time, your heart, your hospitality with others?”
    Good challenge for me to keep in mind as I live each day. and answer the question, “Who does God want me to touch today?”
    I like sharing face-to-face best. And I receive best by reading. So I am very grateful for today’s encouraging post.

  2. I love this! As we laid down our pastoring in a full-time official/title capacity, we felt the Lord pull us away to a season of seclusion for healing and rest. I’m slowly feeling the release to intentionally share my life with people both online and in real life, once again! Just yesterday morning I was pondering when the last time was that I had felt refreshed! I feel rested, but not quite energized… and then I had a one on one time with a friend and oh my –when she left I realized how parched I was before she came! We are called to share life… and He invites us to do that in so many different ways! Great post!

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