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Kate says that pray is the prompt for today’s writing.


What does your prayer life look like? Is it a couple of minutes when you first wake up? A sleepy prayer before you go to bed? Certainly, there is nothing wrong with those things.

A few years back, with the movie War Room, there was a huge emphasis on prayer — having prayer lists, a room or some area set aside for prayer, etc.  There has been some debate about this topic — is it necessary to have a set-aside place? How can one pray without ceasing if one has to go someplace to be alone and private?

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I believe Jesus’ words and actions make the case for going away, alone and in a separate place, for prayer on a regular basis. I went to Bible Gateway, searched the NASB version of the New Testament,  and stopped counting at 15 instances where Jesus referenced going away or departing to pray.

Sometimes it’s hard to do. If you’re in a busy season of life whether you’re a mom of littles, a caregiver, traveling for business, etc., it seems like finding five minutes alone can be a nightmare. True confession: When my late husband was ill (and dying, though I didn’t know that then) and my kids were young, most of my serious, open-my-heart, cry-out-to-the-Lord (whether it be in joyful thanks or heartbroken sobs) time happened in the bathtub. I carefully scheduled my bathtime so that I would have some small block of time alone. The running of the water would drown out either my sobs or my songs (my singing is joyful only to the Lord!)

Those moments of time, snatched from the busyness of life and given with open hands and heart to the Lord, were some of the best of my life. They helped nurture a relationship that has only grown stronger.

So I will encourage you, my sisters, pray in fits and starts! Offer up one-line prayers and make time to listen for Him — don’t make it only one way! But also find a way to have some devoted prayer time.

I look at it as a part of tithing. He gives me 24 hours in each day. I rarely give Him 2.4 hours back in prayer, but shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t we?

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