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I didn’t attend the Twitter party at Kate‘s (I was sleeping!) but the word she gave was praise. I love this word!


At the time I am writing this verse, the internet is down and this is kind of cool timing. Can’t rely on any Internet sources so I’m just going from my adoration of our Lord.  Isn’t His timing always just the best?

I love giving praise to Him. He is infinitely good and faithful and true even though I so often am not. I praise Him for that.

I praise Him in His sovereignty, the fact that I can count on GAKAT (God Already Knew About That — a Susanism).

I praise Him for giving me hard situations to teach me to die to self and live for Him.

I praise Him for loving me enough to prune me and cause my own desires to better align with His plans for me.

I praise Him for blessing me with two challenging, but rewarding and loving, marriages that have taught me that my reliance — my absolute dependence for love, for the material needs of life, for all things, should be on Him and Him alone. He is the only one Who is ultimately and always trustworthy.

I praise Him for His just and loving nature.

I praise Him in the morning, at noon, and at night. (I really do! Even on the grumpy, hard days.)

I praise Him for setting in motion the steps that have brought me to this place in life. I would never have willingly taken some of them but there’s no getting away from His plan. Looking back, it was His way of correcting my course and bringing me back closer to Him.

I just praise Him!


My favorite way to praise, the one that is most natural to me, is with music. What’s yours?

Sing with me!

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