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Inspire is the word that Kate chose for today. It’s a hard one!


I’d like to say that I’m inspired by the Proverbs 31 woman, but the truth is that chick intimidates me to pieces. She’s like SuperGirl and WonderWoman on steroids!

This post is going to be less Bible-based and more personal. I am inspired by three friends in particular.

Susan Shipe is the author of 15+ (she’s so prolific it’s hard to keep track!) of books. She specializes in bite-sized devotionals that are easy to fit into your day but that pack a significant punch. She writes a blog at HopeHeartHome. She’s also my ideal Titus 2 woman. Honest about her past, no-holds-barred truth told in love, and an incredible example of how to live biblically in the middle years of life. She teaches and encourages so many women!

Rachel Schelb is a young wife and mom. A youth pastor’s wife, she has been blessed with a gift for discipling young (and not-so-young) women. When I referenced in my post on comfort, two women with whom God blessed me after I was widowed, my personal Aaron and Hur, Rachel was one of those women. Time and circumstances have changed our relationship, as often happens, but Rachel is still loving Jesus, being the hands and feet of Christ here on earth, and teaching women about hospitality from a biblical point of view. Hint: Hospitality is more about our hearts than our homes or our food — although she does make killer cookies!

Kathy S. I just don’t have words to describe Kathy. Retired hospice nurse who is deeply loved by her former patients’ families? Yep. God-fearing, God-loving wife and mom? Absolutely. Also a loyal praying friend. Kathy and I met through her daughter, Amy (the other half of my Aaron and Hur back in the early widow days). On the first anniversary of my husband’s death, Rachel and Amy had planned little activities throughout the day so that I would know that I was loved, my loss was acknowledged, and I was not alone. Comforted. Kathy, whom I had met casually maybe once or twice at that point, was willing to meet me at Panera and have lunch. My husband died during what should have been a routine procedure and it happened through lunchtime. Rather than watching the clock every minute, which so many widowed folks do, I was occupied and engaged with a lovely woman whose sole (perhaps “soul”?) purpose in being there was to help someone she didn’t even know.

These women inspire me to be better than I am in my own nature. They inspire me to reach out when I feel shy and awkward. They inspire to help and to do.

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Who inspires you? How?  Do you try to pass it along?

16 thoughts on “Inspire: Write31Days”

  1. These personal stories are always the best. It’s wonderful that you’ve acknowledged some of the women who have meant so much to you. I know your highlights will mean a lot to them. #write31days

  2. Love this acknowledging and thanking of those who have been God’s hands and feet to you. Even though it’s personal, it still seems very Biblical to me! 🙂

    • Thank you, Bettie! I guess maybe the best we can do to show Biblical principles is just to live them and show them in our personal lives, isn’t it?

    • Truly, she is. And so are you, Mandy. You’re my very definition in pursuing in spite of hardship, pain and/or difficulties.

  3. It’s beautiful that you honor these women, and I know there are many that you inspire through your writing. It is very inspirational to share your true feelings as well! We should all be so quick to let others know what they mean to us!

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