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Kate gave us the word door for today’s prompt.


I pondered this for a bit. I love the green door of my new home; it seems bright and happy and a place for growth. But there’s something about a red door that just draws me right in.

And then red reminded me of lips which got me to mouth which got me to this:

Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3 (NASB)

In Matthew 12:33-36, Jesus tell us that our mouth speaks that which is in our hearts. So, in a sense, one could extrapolate that the mouth is the door to the heart. That’s kind of scary to me.

As I listen to my own speech, especially when I am angry, and to the speech of those around me, I am moved to pray for their hearts. Because as soon as they (and I!) open that particular door, there is too often bitterness, jealousy, anger, greed and even hatred. And in that moment of speaking, we’re flinging the doors wide for anyone to see what overflows in our hearts.

The sad thing is that many of us are trained to hold our tongues or, figuratively speaking, keep the doors to our hearts closed, around strangers. It is with our closest friends and family that we feel free to let loose. Those people whom we should love the most — what are they seeing of our hearts? Are they seeing Jesus?

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  1. Shelby, I love this! I’m so glad you are writing for these prompts! Oh, and I also used that scripture in my post on doors. 🙂 Blessings to you, dear sister! xoxo

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